OX App Suite is an affordable email app that can replace Google Workplace (GSuite), Outlook and Office 365 for a fraction of the price.

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Email App – OX App Suite

Use one program for your domain name emails (cPanel webmail), or add other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.com.

OX App Suite features email security that prevents spam, viruses, malware and phishing attacks from reaching your inbox.

The OX App is available on desktop and mobile (iPhone & Android) and you can sync between your devices.

It includes all the features you would expect from a professional email client like: email forwarding, auto responder, spam filters, email signatures and notifications. There is also support for CalDAV, iCal calendars and CardDAV for contact lists.

OX Productivity Apps

The Productivity Apps are an optional add-on for the OX App Suite email application. They do include some useful extras that will be worth getting for your business.

OX Drive – store or share your important documents safely using cloud storage. Get up to 50 GB of storage space for all your files.

OX Documents (OX Text, OX Spreadsheet & OX Presentation) there are three document based applications. They let you create, edit or share Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel & PowerPoint.